Is Your Laptop Running Slow? Here's How to Speed It Up!

Have you ever noticed that your laptop’s performance has degraded over time? Does the slow-working laptop affect your usage? If so, there are certain things that you should know about why your laptop is running at a slower speed and the practical ways to boost its performance. Though proper upgradation helps your system run faster, it may sometimes seem ineffective. There are some other straightforward minor adjustments to do that aid in speeding up your laptop performance. These adjustments keep your laptop well-functioning for years? to come. 

Now, we’ll delve deeper into the best ways that help enhance your laptop speed and overall performance. 

Close unused programs in the background

Programs that are kept unused but run in the background are the key reason behind your laptop’s slow performance. The simple and easiest way to get quick improvement in ?performance is to spend a few minutes closing the programs that are not in use. This will help you see an immediate acceleration in performance. 

Get more RAM for your laptop

The memory of your laptop plays an integral role in its performance. By increasing RAM, you can speed up your device and raise its overall performance. But not all laptop models allow you to upgrade your RAM. Some business and gaming laptops make it possible, which is the cheapest way to make your laptop capable of meeting your expectations. So, if your laptop model allows you to install more RAM, try it.

Disk cleaning & defragmentation

Disk clean up is the perfect way to remove unwanted applications and files in a single go. Your laptop may have many files and programs that are no longer needed. Disk Clean up will spot them and free up your drive space, making them reusable for useful applications. Also, schedule disk defragmentation that helps you keep aware of free hard-drive space.

Uninstall unnecessary applications/software

The laptop may hold several applications or software that are preloaded. Many of these applications or software are not used by the majority of users. The unused apps will surely utilize ?system resources, which slow down the laptop's performance over time. So, all you need is to remove them from your laptop and free up the disk space. 

Keep an eye on viruses and spyware

A slow-running laptop may be a result of a virus or spyware attack. These might cause major issues in your system. Always check that the anti-virus versions are updated and that your system is protected by strong anti-virus software. You can even go for third-party programs that are easy to install. Get a perfect one that is effective in preventing unwanted attacks of viruses and spyware. 

Mind startup apps

Startup apps are programs that run automatically when the system is booted. These apps over time will affect ?boot time and performance. You can take a look at these programs that get enabled along with starting up Windows. You can open the task manager by hitting Ctrl+Shift+Esc and get a detailed view. It helps you navigate to the startup tab and check these programs and can disable them.

Update your operating system

Keep your laptop updated with the new OS updates. If you miss updating driver updates or software patches might slow down your laptop’s performance and keep it unprotected from threats, viruses, and other vulnerabilities. To check for OS updates, go to your settings and check for any software update available to download. 


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