6 Common MacBook Issues and How to Fix Them

In this digital era, no one can ignore the influence and importance of MacBooks in our day-to-day lives. Whatever the requirements, whether it's for work, creativity, or communication, MacBook’s are indispensable. The sleek design and robust performance are appreciated by professionals as well as casual users alike.

However, the fact is, regardless of the brand and model, even the most advanced technology can be hit with issues that affect performance over time. If you are inquisitive to know the most common MacBook issues, you are on the right page. In this blog, we will delve into the 6 MacBook challenges and the best practical solutions to address these issues. These insights will help you get a clear picture of safeguarding your MacBook and of course, overcoming the obstacles with peace of mind.

So, here we go!

Slow Performance

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow-working MacBook. Users may often encounter this very common issue and may be in search of the right way to overcome this issue. If your power-performing MacBook is now giving you a laggy experience, this could be due to several factors. Some of the key reasons behind this issue are lack of storage space, outdated software, and a multitude of background processes. These contribute greatly to keeping your MacBook performing lower than your expectations. So, how to restore the speedy performance of your device? Here are the steps to consider to get your MacBook running smoothly again.

Updating at the right time can benefit you with improved performance. Also, this helps to fix the bugs that give you a slow-performing MacBook.

Close unused applications and free up resources.

Clear cache and temporary files periodically.

Overheating Issue

MacBooks are guaranteed to deliver outstanding performance and are highly capable of handling multiple demanding tasks. But you need to admit the fact that overheating will affect the smooth performance of your device. This even hurts its longevity. In case if you feel that your device is causing unusual heating, then consider these steps to prevent your MacBook from overheating.

Ensure proper ventilation by keeping the MacBook on a flat surface.

Monitor temperature and control fan speed.

Keep the vents and fan free from dust and debris.

Battery Draining Quickly

Battery draining is a common issue. You may feel this issue over time. But if your MacBook's battery life seems to be diminishing rapidly, then it's unusual and needs deep attention. Your MacBook cannot deliver you the promised performance unless its battery is in good condition. So, here are the strategies that help you preserve your battery.

Close unused background applications.

Lower screen brightness.

Often try energy-saving modes.

Check the condition of your battery and consider a replacement if needed.

Avoid deep charging.

MacBook Fails to Startup

Pressing the power button on your MacBook and it seems it's not getting started will make you feel frustrated, right? This can be caused due to a variety of unseen issues like battery issues, power adapter issues, hardware connection problems, software glitches, etc. To overcome this, here are the troubleshooting steps you need to keep in mind:

Check power connection

Try different charger

Reset System Management Controller (SMC)

Perform hardware checks

Blank Screen Issue

Have you ever faced an issue where you pressed the power button but the screen display remains blank? This issue seems quite concerning as you find it difficult to spot its root cause. Some of the possible causes of this issue include display or graphics problems, enter device interference, software errors, or RAM issues. To keep this issue at bay, check out the points below:


Check external devices

Use target disk mode

Boot in recovery mode

Data Loss and Software Issues

Nowadays, data loss and software issues have become very common issues but are still a nightmare for users. The data we store in the MacBook when it gets lost all of a sudden can even cause fear in the hearts. As these issues are unexpected, all you can do is take these measures.

Regular backup

Make use of a cloud-based backup service

Boot the device in safe mode.

Use reliable data recovery software when in use.


There's no doubt that a MacBook in your hands can create wonders promising seamless performance. The wide array of benefits makes users fall for it and is worth it by all means. But as devices need to face one or the other performance issues over time of using them, you need to be prepared to solve it. For this, you need to know about the basic MacBook issues and the practical ways to resolve them. The measures discussed so far can be done by everyone with ease. Remember, if you are not that confident and you need professional help, don't think twice to get it.

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