10 Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Common Printer Problems

We have a wide variety of printers that perform various tasks and fulfill multiple needs. For whatever purpose you stick to a printer when the machine does not deliver you the right performance, it’s quite natural that it makes you frustrated. You may have never thought about the problems associated with printers until you hit any of the most common printer problems.

You may also even ask yourself 'Why is my printer not working, and is there a way to fix it?'. Right? If so, know that you are not alone, and millions are inquisitively looking for the ideal way to get a printer repaired by yourself. Printer issues are uncountable. From paper jamming issues to simple connectivity issues or faulty cartridges, the problems that get you stuck while printing is in a multitude. Now, regardless of your knowledge of the printer and its repairs, here we'll delve deep into 10 common printer issues and the perfect tips to fix them.

So, with no further ado, let's get started!

#1. Paper Jams

The foremost printer issue is nothing other than paper jams. This issue can be quite seen in offices as well as home printers, which results in time-consuming delays in your work, causing total frustration. The main reason behind paper jams is the loose paper sheet that gets stuck in the rollers. Some of the other reasons include mismatched paper size, dust in the printer rollers, incorrect paper settings, etc. In similar cases, the best practical way to get rid of it is to purchase and use high-quality paper that perfectly fits the printer and matches the printer’s specifications. Check for the proper handling of papers as well as keep an eye on the tray indicators. Also, care to clean regularly to prevent clogging. Regular maintenance and avoiding tedious printer tasks help keep paper jams at bay.

#2. Ink Cartridge Issue

There are issues in common related to ink cartridges, such as low or empty ink. The quick act most users opt for is to replace the cartridge. But before that, make sure that your printing machine has a high-quality cartridge, it's properly installed, and your machine settings are accurate. Other than wasting your time and money on useless replacements, you can simply fix the issue by checking all these. You can even get the manual to check for the right instructions to follow to get the cartridge changed.

#3. Offline Printer

Approaching your printer and sudden notice of its offline status makes you feel devastated. The printer to be in an offline state could be of an internal circuit issue, hardware/software problems, or internal circuit dysfunction. All these problems can be quickly fixed. Check for the printer and computer connection. Also, make sure that everything is in place with a secure plug. If you are done with everything and still find that the printer is offline, then you can work on the settings of the device. Furthermore, check for software updates and firewall permission.

#4. Slow Wi-Fi Printing

Though there are technological advancements in printers, you may still face delays in Wi-Fi printing. If you are in a hurry, getting things done quickly, then this situation will surely make you feel aggravated. To handle this issue, the primary point you need to mind is your internet connection. The perfect way is to start checking with your modem. If multiple users are using the printer simultaneously, check for ‌network bandwidth. You can even try moving the router a bit closer to your consulting if necessary. Last but not least, give a check to your drivers.

#5. Loaded Queue

Loaded queue is the most common issue encountered by printers. This happens when you simultaneously give the printer multiple printing tasks that result in queuing and pending the job. This makes the printing get stuck, which makes you find it hard to handle. The best way to address this issue is to schedule printing tasks correctly. No more unnecessary printing tasks should keep active unless you find it urgent. Actively monitor the printing that helps you spot the disruption in operation that ensures on-time problem-solving.

#6. Misaligned Texts

Misaligned printing is another problem that makes text look really odd. This issue commonly takes place due to the mismatch between the printhead and toner. This could also be caused by a faulty drum unit or a dysfunctioning cartridge. This issue can be fixed easily by making sure that the printer's moving parts are correctly placed, checking the runner level, and paper compatibility, and ensuring timely maintenance.

#7. Virtual Printer

Virtual printers are an issue that comes in common due to the use of virtualization software. Using Microsoft Print or PDF, there are chances that two operating systems run concurrently on a single computer with an active single printer machine. This results in causing errors. To effectively solve this issue, you can try driver updates and accurate configuration changes. You can even check the print preview window to ensure that you've opted for the right printer.

#8. Low-Quality Printing

Does your printed text look ugly, wet, and wired? Then these can be of sure due to old/damaged paper usage, poor calibrating, incompatible printer settings, or outdated drivers. You can simply solve this issue by considering the quality of the paper, clearing the ventilation area of the printer, checking and cleaning the leaks, unclogging the printer tube blocks, and replacing ink cartridges.

#9. Nonfunctioning Multi-Function Printer

When the multi-function printer is not on track, then it could be due to outdated drivers, incorrect configuration, and improper driver installation. To fix this issue, you just restart the printer and check whether the MFP driver is up-to-date and properly configured. Repairing printers with this issue is costly. In case you find that the cost does not fit in your pockets, you can get your hands on the new printing machines.

#10. Printer Driver Issue

Drivers are the backbone of ‌printers. Incompatibility with the respective hardware and software is the main issue seen with the printer drivers. If the driver in a printer is not working well, then the printing quality gets reduced, and you need to face other related issues. To stay away from these problems, get the most updated driver version and check for its proper installation. Also, check the system regularly to enjoy hassle-free printing.


So far, we've discussed the most common printer issues and the best practical ways to solve them. All the quick fixes are easy for all users to do by themselves. In case you tried all these simple techniques but still find that your problem is unsolved, get assistance and support from the professionals. JustReapir is the team of specialists you can trust and truly count on for any printer issues. Let it be a Canon printer repair, HP printer repair, Samsung printer repair, or any other, JustReapir guarantees quality repairs for all brands and fixes issues in no time. We find the root cause of your printer issue and restore its total functionality.